Sunday, 25 November 2012

White House Christmas tree from Frosts

Please take a look at the Christmas Tree that we sent to the White House.... 

Well a little White house is not from us but this is wonderful to see that everyone this year is getting involved so early...Probably to get rid of the last year for most..

At frosts when delivering we use more modern ways of transportation and unlike Mrs O... We place the tree and dress the tree for you leaving the rest of the time for you to enjoy ...maybe Christmas shopping for your loved ones...

We have Christmas Tree hire London our own site that will also show you how to dress a tree...This is done by our very own Sam Fox...Not the one that some will remember but a better more presentable Sam will give you a first class lesson in decoration FREE...just watch the Video we have placed on the site..

Merry Xmas Mr and Mrs O...Nest time get one from Frosts!

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