Sunday, 21 October 2012

Christmas tree hire London

How many xmas trees are sold each year in the UK

Did you know that around 6 million trees are sold in the UK every year this is around 10% of the population buying real trees for their homes. Compare this with the USA they sell around 25-30 million each year.

Xmas trees became popular in 1841 when prince Albert came back to the UK from Germany with a tree that he had as a present. Queen Victoria. it was at this time that the Royal couple were pictured in a daily newspaper around the tree in London. originally in Germany the trees were dressed outside of the home however the trend changed and trees became part of the home at xmas.

As you can see in the photo the Royal couple have put candles on the tree, these were to symbolize stars in the sky in Bethlehem and the location of baby Jesus  The candles were phased out probably due to health and safety reasons. Today many families enjoy the same traditions as the Royals did in late 1800's..
I wonder what the |Royals will be doing this year in London

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Christmas tree hire london

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Christmas tree hire london

christmas tree hire london

Christmas tree hire London

Christmas tree hire London
Well we are here again and it seems like only yesterday that we were dressing the Christmas trees and stuffing the turkey..

So we are but weeks away from all that festive going on's...

Do we really take it that serious anymore or is it just a commercial sale that we get caught up in year in year out?

For me a UK Christmas is totally different to what i have experienced in the past, as i lived in Germany for many years and saw the religious side of the season. So I have seen both a religious holiday and a commercial sale. Saying this i love xmas in both countries..

The main differences is that I find that Europeans generally go for real trees for their houses rather than the imitation Tree. Additionally they really know how to dress them in a sympathetic but stylish way.

i have a funny feeling that the German people invented the Tree for the festive season but initially this was outside of the house and not inside, Saying this I feel the ideal place for a tee is inside and it has slowly been adapted to the story of xmas.

We as a company do supply Christmas trees  but only to companies and this is not a residential service. it is because of this i decided to write this blog so that others could enjoy the same benefits as others who see our web sites.

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Christmas tree hire London