Sunday, 25 November 2012

White House Christmas tree from Frosts

Please take a look at the Christmas Tree that we sent to the White House.... 

Well a little White house is not from us but this is wonderful to see that everyone this year is getting involved so early...Probably to get rid of the last year for most..

At frosts when delivering we use more modern ways of transportation and unlike Mrs O... We place the tree and dress the tree for you leaving the rest of the time for you to enjoy ...maybe Christmas shopping for your loved ones...

We have Christmas Tree hire London our own site that will also show you how to dress a tree...This is done by our very own Sam Fox...Not the one that some will remember but a better more presentable Sam will give you a first class lesson in decoration FREE...just watch the Video we have placed on the site..

Merry Xmas Mr and Mrs O...Nest time get one from Frosts!

WW2 - Christmas tree london

WW2 Christmas tree London

We see it every year and thousands of visitors look on. Yes I am talking about the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square London - The Tree is a Norwegian Spruce that has stood there all 20 metres plus since 1947.

The tree stands there for the 12 nights of Christmas covered in 500 white lights. The events here are wonderful with full carol services and children's visits. Does anyone really know why we have the tree here? Is it just for decoration or for prosperity....

Well actually as nice as the tree may be.. We have received this from Norway since 1947 for us to remember them and them to remember us. It is a thank you  from the people of Norway for the support we gave to them in the 2nd World War...

Let us not forget what terrible situations the Norwegian people had to go through and the tales and stories of a Nazi regime that will live on for years to come.

So all we ask is that the next time you see the tree either on TV or actually in London itself just remember that many people dies during this conflict and if only for a few seconds we remember all that have died and fought for this wonderful country that we live in. If this be past wars or current conflicts that we have to protect us from.

At the base of the tree it reads

"This tree is given by the city of Oslo as a token of Norwegian gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during the years 1940-45."

Have a great Christmas and New year 2012...Frosts Senior Management Team

For your own Christmas Tree like the Trafalgar Square tree visit

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The History of the Christmas Tree

This is a very hard thing to trace back not just against decades but centuries. We can go as far back as Pagans and at least to the 7th Century. The real documented or so believed story is that it was started by or indeed invented by St Boniface, who we don't know if he had the status of a saint at this time or like others became a saint once he had died.

It is said that St Boniface used a triangular shaped fir off a pine tree to symbolise the triangle of faith as in the father, son and holy ghost and that believers and non believers of faith started to worship the fir as they saw this as a religious symbol of faith. There is another story that a fir was symbolised as Jesus after St Boniface chopped down a Pagan tree and a Fir root was left at the base..

I prefer the less aggressive story of a fir being symbolised rather than an axed Saint chopping down a tree in anger..

There is also evidence that in 1510 in Latvia Christmas trees as we know today were decorated and then burnt at new year to celebrate the new year. This again is a great story however the most undramatic probability is that Pagans used to celebrate in mystery ceremonies
"Druid priests in Great Britain also used the evergreen plants and mistletoe in pagan ceremonies and the mistletoe plant was the symbol of the Birth of God. Celtic druids and Norseman of Scandinavia also used the mistletoe in mysterious ceremonies just after the winter solstice!"
      So here we can see how evergreens plants were used around the solstice and the end of December  This is really the more likely reason how we moves to the evergreen tree and as we all know we still use mistletoe today at Christmas...

The modern Christmas tree as records show was really making its mark in the mid to late 1500's in Germany and cathedrals across Germany as the trend started to spread. Cathedral records show how the tree was decorated usually with fruits and nuts and this was given to the children on the 25th December Christmas day.

Nothing really happened in Europe with regards the tree until German immigrants stated to migrate across the world. In the mid 1700's the trees were appearing all over Europe and the world even in the USA. The biggest suggestion came in the early 1800's when the Roman Catholic church recognised the symbolisation and faith suggestions and this was now in Europe becoming the norm.

It then became more related to the Christmas story and i get the feeling at this time someone looked back in History and did their research and found how the tree fitted into society and brought the story to their modern times. Predominately keeping the original pagan beliefs.

So to summaries on the story of the Christmas tree it is basically pagan funder mental beliefs that have watered down through centuries been adapted to a more modern belief and used by the largest church in Europe to tell the story. The modern way of thinking really became from pagan beliefs and German design. It is a really interesting concept of how we have used century old beliefs in modern times.

CLICK HERE -  to see how it came to the UK 

Christmas tree hire London

When I was a lad

These cold mornings are nothing to what I remember living in the Northern town of Huddersfield. My god it can get cold up there, as it is actually quite high above sea level and the cold is a damp cold that goes straight to the bones.

My father was a green grocer and an entrepreneur... He had a business partner " Ray" and they both enjoyed a modest life out of their individual shops that they ran. Christmas was another thing this is when the both of them would get together and then to raise money for xmas would take over a Texaco garage on Manchester road and fill the forecourt with trees...Xmas trees..

Well this was when they got really cheap labour ..Yes me and Ray's son John. Yes we stood in the cold, rain, snow and sleet and somehow manage to sell day in day out in the run up until the 24th December.

I cant remember however we had some kind of pricing system probably by the foot as it was in them days...We are talking of the mid to late 70's. Everything then was cash and I remember every night my dad and Ray would count up and yes it did seem like Christmas to us then. I never saw so much cash..mind you £20 to me then was a lot of money as i was probably 11 years old.

the reasoning behind all this was that ray and my dad would work like mad for 3 weeks make as much as they could and then xmas was free!

the only problem was that I had an allergy to pine needles so by xmas I was covered in spots!!!! Greta times.

Things were tough up north! i may of done it for the spending money i guess it really wasn't for love....

We did this year in and year out until one year we had a really good start and my dad decided that would chance another 300 trees in the run up we had about 3 weeks left with only a handful of trees to sell. timings may be out but what ever it was he was required to order more....300 it was...The following Saturday all would be revealed.

The Saturday came and John and I were put on site and told to wait for the drop off..We did and sure enough the lorry came and an amount unknown to us was dropped on the forecourt.

I remember our faces when ray and my father turned up and looked at the trees in amazement..."How many trees are they" one said..."Don't know we replied"

Well unknown to us this was the start of the end because what had happened...Somewhere along the line 3000 trees instead of 300 had been delivered..everyone was blaming everyone else and the wholesaler would not accept return... Therefore we carried on selling the trees even till 6 pm xmas eve..... We sold as many as we could but 3000 was a task too far...

So all these had to be paid for and thus profits fell and xmas was a poor one for that year...But for 3 years after we had to watch the remainder of the trees rot in the back garden as there was no where else to lay them...

My mother was never happy about this and we never sold xmas trees again...But we have fond memories and hold the thought of great years selling in the cold northern town.

Have a great xmas and enjoy your Tree

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Christmas trees - When to take down...

Well this is simple for me as my dads birthday is on the 6th of January and this is Epiphany which in religious terms for some is the day that Christmas officially ends...

I always thought it was so we could celebrate my dads birthday so even I got it wrong.

Well does it really matter and do people in the UK really do xmas as a religious celebration or is it more now as a commercial venture for the stores and manufacturers.. I guess we are all drawn to it as a family gathering and an unusual habit of buying loads of additional food items that for one reason or another seem more attractable at this time of the year like Brussels sprouts... Why buy them when only a few adults will eat them...

We have a Sunday roast a few times a month and i guess that this is just the same however with turkey rather than beef...So why does my wife make such a big deal over it!!!!

I really am not against xmas however against all the extras that should not really go with it....additional weight gain, a larger intake of beer and wine, kids arguing and the mother in-law visiting...

The best thing of all is the tree it stand there for weeks never puts on weight, never moans and never asks for anything...It also ignores the mother - in law....

If you get a chance and require a tree for your office just check this site out

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Christmas tree hire London

How many xmas trees are sold each year in the UK

Did you know that around 6 million trees are sold in the UK every year this is around 10% of the population buying real trees for their homes. Compare this with the USA they sell around 25-30 million each year.

Xmas trees became popular in 1841 when prince Albert came back to the UK from Germany with a tree that he had as a present. Queen Victoria. it was at this time that the Royal couple were pictured in a daily newspaper around the tree in London. originally in Germany the trees were dressed outside of the home however the trend changed and trees became part of the home at xmas.

As you can see in the photo the Royal couple have put candles on the tree, these were to symbolize stars in the sky in Bethlehem and the location of baby Jesus  The candles were phased out probably due to health and safety reasons. Today many families enjoy the same traditions as the Royals did in late 1800's..
I wonder what the |Royals will be doing this year in London

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Christmas tree Hire London - videos

Christmas tree hire london

We are proud to announce that we have created a you tube channel for all our followers to look at when they can and to feedback to us anytime they wish

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Christmas tree hire london

christmas tree hire london

Christmas tree hire London

Christmas tree hire London
Well we are here again and it seems like only yesterday that we were dressing the Christmas trees and stuffing the turkey..

So we are but weeks away from all that festive going on's...

Do we really take it that serious anymore or is it just a commercial sale that we get caught up in year in year out?

For me a UK Christmas is totally different to what i have experienced in the past, as i lived in Germany for many years and saw the religious side of the season. So I have seen both a religious holiday and a commercial sale. Saying this i love xmas in both countries..

The main differences is that I find that Europeans generally go for real trees for their houses rather than the imitation Tree. Additionally they really know how to dress them in a sympathetic but stylish way.

i have a funny feeling that the German people invented the Tree for the festive season but initially this was outside of the house and not inside, Saying this I feel the ideal place for a tee is inside and it has slowly been adapted to the story of xmas.

We as a company do supply Christmas trees  but only to companies and this is not a residential service. it is because of this i decided to write this blog so that others could enjoy the same benefits as others who see our web sites.

Check our video's out...

This is our own Sam Fox demonstrating how to decorate a tree...

We have also got our local video for each area that we cover...

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